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Japanese Tea Ceremony

Okay, on Saturday, I attended a Japanese Tea Ceremony. Let me tell you, that stuff is intense! You have to walk a certain way, appreciate certain things, and bow at certain times. My, I was over loaded! But anyway it was a fun experience (especially for $30). I would absolutely do that again!

I Have A Job!

Yes, Yours Truly, got a job. Now don’t get too excited. I’m a Housekeeper. And you know what? I don’t even care! The pay is great and it teaches me how to clean a house without getting nagged like crazy by my mom. Works for me! So basically I go in every Tuesday for three hours, and I get paid on the spot. Can you say “Cha-Ching?” $$$

Nice Full and Happy

OMG! Who knew a sausage and egg McMuffin could be soooo satisfying? As we walk out of the restaurant I’m almost giddy! I’ll tell you, food is basically the answer to everything. I kind of wished I slowed down on my orange juice so I’d have something to sip now, but to be honest I wasn’t thinking about savoring. I was thinking about devouring!

Hungry Bored Tired Or All Of The Above?

Who knew that sitting at your mom’s job could be soooo boring? I could fall asleep in this very chair! Not to mention I haven’t eaten since yesterday afternoon. (And no I’m not fasting.) My mom gave me money for breakfast, but the thing is I get to eat when my grandmother picks me up, and that’s going to be another thirty minutes! I knew I should have snagged a Nature Valley bar before I left. I’m so hungry! Oh, by the way, did I also mention I am tired? Yes, Yours Truly had to wake up at five thirty… IN THE MORNING! Do I look like a hen? Then why am I up at the crack of dawn? Yea, no thanks. Anyway I’m going to a Japanese tea ceremony tomorrow. That’ll really give me something to blog about. That is it for now. Please wish me luck! (I’m STILL starving!)

I Need Your Feedback!

Nothing To Say Really

There really isn’t anything big going on in school, it’s summer after all. But I am VERY excited. I’m going to high school! I’m going to be a freshmen! (Is it freshman or men? Well it should be freshwoman because I’m a female.)  Whatever. Anyway, I am going to be getting my schedule in July… school starts August 16. Well that’s it.

Emotions Spread

You know that feeling you get when someone around you is sad or upset? My best friend lost something quite valuable and we could not find it. (We as in myself and my parents and her and her mom) Now, she was in a state of emergency. She was crying and all was wrong. Being around her made me feel the same. There is really no point to this post, just that emotions spread, especially if you are empathetic like me.


Okay, let me straighten this up. I have nothing against dentists (frankly mine is quite pleasant) but I just don’t like the fact that a total stranger is prodding about in my mouth, one of the most vulnerable places on my body. Talk about an invasion of privacy! Anywho I’m saying this only because I’m in the car booking it to the dentist office. I find it ironic how my mom can send me to the dentist faster than snake eats a mouse, but it takes her absolutely forever to plan an eye appoint or for me to get new glasses (Yes, a fun fact, I wear glasses. Plastic frames ONLY.) Gotta go, there is a grown man waiting to feel around my mouth.

Alluviennae Begins

Here is the beginning of a (hopefully) flourishing blog. Just call me Alluviennae. Yep. That’s about it.