Monthly Archives: April 2014

Vampire Knight

I’m pretty late on this but I have watched this Anime. It was nothing less than awesome! I do not remember when I watched it though. Anyhow, it was pretty awesome!


I Really Need To Update My Anime… Too Bad I Still Feel Lazy

I have watched many new Anime and I plan to post them soon. Sorry for a crappy one-liner post XP

Wow, How Long Has It Been?

Well I just realized that I haven’t posted in a while. Time got away from my, I guess. I have a few things to shut down about my post regarding being excited about school. First of all, that cute guy didn’t even remember my name after a week or so. Those girls I met? Yeah, one of them lasted until Homecoming and she eventually faded off. I have my three main friends, … and … (Like I’ll put any names here). Anyhow, I also met some true Anime lovers which totally made my life. I am very excited to say I made First Honors! Woo! I have plenty of more things to talk about, but my hands a cramped and I am just lazy. So… goodbye!