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Vampire Knight

I’m pretty late on this but I have watched this Anime. It was nothing less than awesome! I do not remember when I watched it though. Anyhow, it was pretty awesome!


I Really Need To Update My Anime… Too Bad I Still Feel Lazy

I have watched many new Anime and I plan to post them soon. Sorry for a crappy one-liner post XP

Wow, How Long Has It Been?

Well I just realized that I haven’t posted in a while. Time got away from my, I guess. I have a few things to shut down about my post regarding being excited about school. First of all, that cute guy didn’t even remember my name after a week or so. Those girls I met? Yeah, one of them lasted until Homecoming and she eventually faded off. I have my three main friends, … and … (Like I’ll put any names here). Anyhow, I also met some true Anime lovers which totally made my life. I am very excited to say I made First Honors! Woo! I have plenty of more things to talk about, but my hands a cramped and I am just lazy. So… goodbye!

Best Thing Has Happened To Me!

Okay, I am so happy! There is this website where I watch Anime (Animestatic) and they commented TWICE on my blog!!!! How awesome it that! I am a total fan of their website. No other Anime websites compare to it. Thank you AnimeStatic! You have made my day!!!

If You Thought I As Busy Before…

My goodness! School started about two weeks ago and I have seriously been so busy!!! I can’t believe I have time to post this right now. Well, gotta run!!!

School Is Almost Here!

I am truly excited! This Friday I start my first day of high school! Not to mention I already made a few friends (social butterfly XD), and I may have caught the eye of a guy (a totally cute one I’ll add). All this, and I haven’t set foot in a class. I already know this going to be a good year. I’ll admit it, I can be a bit boy crazy, but I try not to show it. I mean, Sunday night, at this dinner party at the Fathers’ home (Catholic school so Father as in Mass), all the minority freshmen were invited to have dinner and of course bond. (I know how racist that would’ve sounded, but don’t take it that way, the school’s majority race is Caucasian. I guess this is another clue to my identity) The students, some teachers, and a few of the Fathers played a game where we got to know each other. In that game I met someone who I shared a nice conversation with. Later on, at dinner, I was chilling with three more freshmen girls (it was outside by the way, kind of like a barbecue… even though we had pork steaks. They were bomb too.) and we talked. We watch the freshmen guys play football. We laughed at how none of us better get hit with that football or we are all shutting this whole program down. Eventually, the guys came over to us. It was perfectly proportioned. Four guys, four girls. We invited them into our conversation. As we talked, I felt like I was being watched (not in a pervy way, but like someone is looking at me) when I looked up, I noticed one of the guys, with broad shoulders (Alluviennae loves her a guy with broad shoulders ♥) was looking at me. When he noticed me noticing him, he looked away. This happened a few times. Later, about when the party was over, I was talking with the freshmen girls, we were in a circle. The guys happened to come over, and I found it quite interesting how the one with the broad shoulders stood by me, not that I really minded. When it was time for me to leave, I gave all the girls a hug, and I looked at the one with the broad shoulders, he smiled and joked (I quote) “I would give you a hug but your dad is standing there…” We both laughed as I walked away. Oh Gawd, Friday please come already!!! I am ready to learn, and to have some fun 😉

I Made My Own Bento!!!

Here is my own variation of a bento box lunch:

My variation of a Japanese bento :D

My variation of a Japanese bento 😀

Online Diary, Maybe?

Entry 1

Busy Much? Absolutely.

I feel horrible. Have I been so busy that I could barely keep up with this blog? Oh, why? Now that I have a spare minute, first and foremost, happy fourth of July!!! Next, I have really upped my taste in music…

Artist that have topped my playlists:

Billy Talent ♥♥♥*

Sum 41

(*♥♥♥ meaning personal favorite of Alluviennae)

Audio Post